Mission and Goals

Our mission is set to meet the new demands in pro-audio, music and peripheral equipment, providing innovative and cost effective hardware and software solutions.

By supplying the technology that gives an outstanding competitive edge, we enable the manufacturers to create and deliver market leading products.
Also guided by the tenets of service, partnership and trust, we subscribe to IP protection, customer-friendly relation and a strong values-based foundation.

Our main goal is to promote and develop the CopperLan technology as an evolutive and open standard by stimulating and supporting those individuals or companies that develop and manufacture products that make use of the powerful features and capabilities of CopperLan.

To fulfill this goal, we have set objectives as follows:

  • Create and maintain constructive communication within the members community by initiating working groups, holding meetings, conferences, website forums to stimulate creativity and new designs and contribute to further enhance the network interface protocol capabilities.
  • Provide documentation, technical assistance and support to members, developers and manufacturers.
  • License the use of the CopperLan technology, trademarks and logos and subsequently promote qualifying products.
  • Collaborate with other entities and organizations, share information and make recommendations and suggestions on the use and the development of network based interfacing technology in support of the market requirements.
  • Promote the use of the CopperLan technology in other prospective markets.


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