What we bring

As a supplier to the MI market and related industries, our main objective is to create complete system solutions covering their entire definition, specification and implementation.
This translates into:

  • Development framework with numerous reference designs and sample code
  • Embedded related middleware
  • Computer drivers
  • Communication protocol and procedures
  • Hardware system design using commercial parts and components
  • Validated solutions for an easy integration in an audio streaming environment

We provide a complete networking subsystem for the manufacturers of equipment in the domains of pro-audio, music and peripheral equipment

  • The rich CopperLan protocol offers room for expansion and allocation. While the current specification covers a much wider scope of applications than are available in the market today, additional requests may arise to cover particular needs. These can be easily adopted without disrupting the existing scheme as the system was conceptually engineered to that extent.

  • The CHAI (CopperLan Host Application Interface) is an API which forms the foundation for the CopperLan communication part of any application code. The CHAI contains all the routines to implement remote editing capabilities, clock management, and many others that are useful in implementing CopperLan advanced capabilities.

    The CHAI may eventually benefit from additional modules. As new application modules become more and more common through various implementations, they could end up being standardized and incorporated into the CHAI for the benefit of all. Such developments will be discussed within a moderated forum platform on the CopperLan website.

  • To keep things simple, all computer-related CopperLan supporting code is called the CopperLan Service.
    However, the Service contains several things: multiple drivers, a virtual network, bridges to various external links, system applications, etc... (see Procedures in the Technical section for more details).

    The evolution of the Driver is managed in close relation with the application software companies.

  • Klavis offers firmware for the Ethernet networking chips used in embedded CopperLan products. These chips are sourced from major players of the semiconductor industry.

    For those chips, the firmware evolution is managed by Klavis; this ensures a guaranteed and reliable performance of the whole system. The chip offering will evolve and expand to match the needs of adapting CopperLan to various networking technologies and cost/capabilities ratios of the applications.

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