What is Copperplug?

CopperPlug is a wrapper that emulates plugins into CopperLan
Means :
  • Better control
  • Smart connect in one click
  • Control remotely
  • with your actual MIDI controller

Edit your plug-ins in a truly networked way

  • Make any existing plug-in a remotely editable plug-in
  • Editing can be done from any iPhone, Tablet, computer
  • Simultaneous editing from multiple controllers with everything kept in sync
  • Use and share plug-in definition files for a consistent and predictable result, or discover the native CopperPlugins for even better results without any definition file

What is unique here?

  • The CopperPlug system is based on CopperLan, a MIDI compatible networking technology. The CopperPlug features are just a highlight of the much broader CopperLan capabilities.
  • The CopperPlug system is manufacturer independent so that no equipment or application is excluded.
  • Being non-TCP/IP based, means that there are zero configuration aspects to the network
  • Contrarily to working with MIDI, the parameter definition in CopperPlug is independent from the controllers or the plug-ins, allowing you to combine them at will.
  • The network freely dispatches MIDI per channel, between any application and physical interface in the whole setup. Your setup becomes a full-featured matrix, remap, merge unit.
  • Did we mention it is cost free?

How does it work?

Once you have installed the package on your various computers, you are offered to automatically add CopperPlug capability to your plug-ins. This operation is not modifying your plug-ins but creates CopperPlug compliant versions along the existing ones. These will have (CP) appended to their name to differentiate them from the originals.

To control these plug-ins, the CopperPlug system relies on definition files relating to each and every plug-in. Air Zoom Pegasus 34

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