CopperLan vs CopperPlug

CopperPlug allows making ordinary plug-ins compliant with the CopperLan network.
These are called "CopperPlug plug-ins".
However, CopperPlug plug-ins are restricted in what they expose and the control they allow. Whatever the magic behind CopperPlug, there is no way to go beyond the limitations of the original plug-in capabilities.
This is why there are plug-ins that are natively compliant with CopperLan.
These are simply called "CopperLan plug-ins".

The CopperLan plug-ins

Compared to CopperPlug plug-ins, CopperLan plug-ins have added features:

  • They don’t need a definition file – the parameter definition is built-in.
  • They can expose dynamically changing multileveled structures that will reflect in the editor(s).
  • They are not limited to MIDI’s 12-key/octave nor to gate & note linking
  • They can interact with other applications in active instead of passive way
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