Conditions of use

CopperLan exists and evolves to serve the community of manufacturers using it. This is why they are involved in its development and evolution. The protocol, the procedures and the CopperLan-provided code that manufacturers integrate in their products, are all openly documented. This allows the most effective collaborative work.

CopperLan is not just a protocol. It has a much more richer offering. While earlier technologies could establish a standard based on a simple definition, the matter has since grown in complexity.

Today, standards imply intellectual property rights and patents. The multidisciplinary effort of CopperLan doesn't escape from that difficulty.

Creating a system like CopperLan implies many years of costly development that no manufacturer would be prepared to invest in, and even less if it were to offer it to the competition.

In addition to updating the documentation as the system grows and its environment evolves, supporting CopperLan implies maintaining its code in a truly professional way. As this substantial code will go into countless products, including multiple computer platforms, manufacturers should be able to rely on its flawless operation.

To share the cost of the existing development and to fund the future ones, CopperLan is a licensed technology paid for by the product manufacturers.

In order for a manufacturer to implement CopperLan in his hardware or software application, the CopperLan License Agreement must be signed.Nike Air Jordan 1 Mens

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