In order to implement CopperLan in Hardware or Software, the CopperLan Licensing Agreement must be signed between the Licensee and Klavis technologies.
This licensing contract is available to registered developers. See

License's key points
  • Non-exclusive, time-unlimited license to the entire CopperLan specifications
  • Royalty due per unit sold ( 2€ )
  • Royalty-free licensing for Free Limited (= evaluation) software products
  • Royalty-free licensing for Non-Commercial products ( Freeware )
  • Only one royalty due for a bundle of several products
  • Payment through a third-party license administrator to ensure confidentiality

Upon signature of the License Agreement, each developer receives:
  • Full SDK development software with documentation and example applications covering computing and embedded environments, all cost-free
  • Access to the CopperLan Dev site for technical information and support.
  • A Brand-ID number
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