Market integration

Users seem generally more inspired by the play 'out of the box' approach rather than spending time on the learning curve.
Thanks to its plug-and-play approach and simplified set up, CopperLan offers the user an intuitive way to quickly familiarize with the functionalities of a product, hence leading to a much faster mastering of its features…

  • The CopperLan Manager that gets installed in the host PC, yet translates from the start to a valuable bonus to the user of MIDI equipment, even before installing a CopperLan application.
  • The CopperLan Manager runs on multiple computing platforms and within embedded devices, in a unified network. CopperLan uses connections already known to computer and MI users (Ethernet, USB, Firewire,...)
  • CopperLan supports the freeware community and offers their developers a dedicated integration package.
  • At product design level, manufacturers do not need to focus on nitty-gritty details as CopperLan's turnkey solutions incorporate preassembled routines and functionalities for a straightforward integration into their projects with a strong emphasis on the creative side.
  • Audio (or video) streaming can easily integrate and take full advantage of the extensive command and control capabilities offered by CopperLan.

CopperLan was designed and developed to serve the current and future requirements of the MI market.

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