Why CopperLan?

For years, we have been closely monitoring the evolution of the MI market and related industries and found an obvious need to improve communication links between equipment. We have seen numerous requests and dreams emerge from the market, sometimes wishful thinking, conflicting suggestions or plain utopia.
Strengthened by the endorsement of major players of the business, we believe that we now have the solution that covers those needs. Members of our team have studied it for a long time and our company has refined it in recent years.
As the industry repeatedly stressed it, a new proposal should:

  • Offer media streaming management and unified networking in addition to command & control
  • Unify hardware equipment with the computer environments
  • Be cheap enough to fit all ranges of products while powerful enough to cope with the most demanding apps
  • Rely on off-the-shelf components, existing connectivity industry standards and be open to future ones
  • Be MIDI compatible

From the moment you devise a way to go over a first limitation, you open the door to an endless list of desirable features... and as many challenges to solve.

This permanent quest for the perfect solution is the story of CopperLan's design. We had a wish list based on our wildest dreams and no feature was too far-fetched to be eliminated. We worked hard to ensure that CopperLan's foundations be ready for all the marvels we envisioned.


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