Hybrid setup

Added bonus for setups combining MIDI and CopperLan

Once fitted with MIDI input or outputs (as virtual computer ports or physical interface boxes), a CopperLan network is de facto, a huge MIDI merging and patching unit.
Allocation of the MIDI flows is simplified by the ability to edit the virtual MIDI matrix from any device's front panel or in graphical form from a computer screen.
Note that a CopperLan device can select any MIDI channel entering the network as a data source, and similarly, that any CopperLan message can be sent to any MIDI channel on any MIDI output.

In summary:
  • No practical limit on the number of MIDI devices connected
  • Handles existing MIDI interfaces attached to computers anywhere
  • Network acts as a MIDI patch-bay (mapping, merging & filtering)
  • Gives labeled connections
  • Full exchange capability between CopperLan and MIDI
  • Allows multiple simultaneous SYSEX flows
  • Allows multiple simultaneous MIDI clocks
  • Undifferentiated access to and from MIDI & CopperLan, within and outside a computer
  • Allows long distance cabling by benefiting from the CopperLan's Ethernet capability
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