Product design

Simplifying product design and reducing the Bill of Materials

A richer communication system allows designing products that do more to the benefit of the user while costing less to manufacture.

  • CopperLan enables many functions to be established automatically without any user intervention. This allows removing knobs and sometimes displays that were originally dedicated to those uses. In addition, it simplifies the software design by providing this entire functionality in a ready-to-use format.
  • CopperLan enables embedded devices to control numerous target devices in a setup without requiring multiple output sockets, or recourse to a computer. A single connector addresses all I/O needs.

Migrating an existing product design to CopperLan

One might expect that adopting CopperLan automatically implies a complete hardware redesign.
This is not the case. Most products carrying a USB connector can be upgraded to CopperLan by software only.
It is equally simple for products built around an embedded Linux platform.

Existing layout and labeling of the product could possibly be used as-is for a migration to a CopperLan-based product. Otherwise, a panel relabeling could be the only change needed beyond the firmware update.

MIDI compatibility preserved

CopperLan can happily handle MIDI not only at the setup level but also within a given product, taking care of the physical MIDI links.

From the network topology angle, those MIDI connections become CopperLan virtual devices. The MIDI IN and MIDI OUT connectors respectively become source and target for CopperLan messages. The provided CopperLan code takes care of all conversions.
The only MIDI-related software required from the manufacturer is the one effecting the low-level raw data transmission and reception (FIFO) to and from the physical ports.

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