Archwave acquires exclusive license agreement for CopperLan


Archwave acquires exclusive license agreement for CopperLan

Leading Command & Control technology expands into AES67 & RAVENNA audio networking

Zürich (May 13, 2014) – As part of its continued growth strategy in the arena of audio connectivity and audio-networking solutions, Archwave ( today announced an exclusive licensing agreement with Klavis S.A. for CopperLan (, the novel and powerful networking framework for command and control of musical instruments, pro-audio and show control.
Under the terms of the agreement Archwave agreed to the management of existing and future licensing agreements, integrating the engineering team, and the global distribution and sub-licensing of the CopperLan technology.

Archwave, based in Switzerland, has in recent years invested in technologies including RAVENNA and AES67 as part of its plan to become a global leader for solutions in networking, recording and USB connectivity for audio applications.
This transaction will leverage Archwave’s strong market presence and technology platforms while combining CopperLan’s existing markets and licensing portfolio.

“In its simplest form, we see CopperLan as the next ‘MIDI 3.0 on steroids’ allowing for innovative ways to connect and control musical instruments, audio equipment and networks.” said Archwave CEO Arie van den Broek.
“Besides easy integration and swift time-to-market platforms for developers and manufacturers, we believe adaptation of cutting-edge technologies will also depend on new and innovative technologies that ensure user-friendliness and ease-of-use for systems and networks that increase in complexity.
CopperLan is an integral part of that vision and therefore a logical next step.
I am thrilled to extend the Archwave portfolio with CopperLan and welcome this great team to the Archwave family.”

“With this transaction, we are taking another important step in CopperLan’s journey to become the leading technology for command & control,” said Klavis chief executive officer David Herscovitch.
“Klavis and Archwave have played significant roles in shaping the MI and pro-audio industries and with this agreement the CopperLan brand will strengthen its reach beyond its current scope into the command & control of audio-networks and continue its path to be an innovation leader in this space.”

About Archwave
Founded in 2009 as a spin-off from the former BridgeCo, Archwave has become a trusted supplier of ASIC and Software solutions for audio streaming and networking solutions. Archwave offers a complete line of USB and RAVENNA/AES67 audio networking solutions that connect professional audio platforms to computers, as used in Sound Reinforcement, Broadcasting and Theater applications.

About Klavis and CopperLan
CopperLan is an initiative from Klavis Technologies s.a, a company founded in January 2000 by a group of individuals from the pro-audio and MI industry. The company is run by David Herscovitch and Eric Lukac-Kuruc, its original founders and provides a complete networking subsystem to manufacturers of equipment in the domains of pro-audio and peripheral equipment.

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