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Does CopperLan carry audio?

Yes and No. CopperLan is not by itself an audio format; it will usually find place alongside audio streaming formats inside their original physical link to manage the flows and control the processing of the streams.
However, audio applications can strongly benefit from the rich and interactive set of command and control capabilities offered by CopperLan, adding a unifying and musical dimension throughout the entire setup.
Our partnership with third parties specialized in audio streaming paves the way for an easy and cost effective integration of CopperLan's powerful features in audio projects as well as for the development of validated turnkey solutions based on connectivity standards.
Support of other formats based on the manufacturer's technological choices can also be implemented in the context of a collaborative effort.

Can MIDI and audio coexist with CopperLan?

CopperLan is not a physical transport definition.
Within a given physical link, audio, MIDI and CopperLan remain separate types of data. As most physical links can simultaneously carry multiple virtual streams, all streams will indeed coexist without interfering with each other.

Are there restrictions in (future) audio formats imposed by the system?

The CopperLan messaging is circulating alongside the flow of audio and is not restricting the latter in any way.
Integrating CopperLan in (future) audio formats only implies a dedicated pipe for command & control be available in their format definition for CopperLan to share the bundle.

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