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What are the benefits of integrating CopperLan in my products?

The benefits are as practical as they are economical:
  • CopperLan fulfills the long-time promise of integrating hardware and software to allow the creation of attractive products and achieve optimal product interaction.
  • The plug-and-play approach significantly reduces the cost of customer support.
  • Simplification and removal of system complexities contribute to reassure and ease the end user’s possible reluctance towards electronic equipment.
  • In split products, combining software and hardware, where the latter acts as a dongle, CopperLan will de facto simplify and strengthen the implementation of this security concept.
  • Expanding a CopperLan setup is not increasing its complexity or make it more difficult to use.
  • CopperLan allows high-speed file exchange between devices. This provides an innovative way of sharing load and processing between the elements of a setup, where the processing burden can optimized among the related devices.
  • CopperLan's powerful remote editing functions allow the creation of new types of peripheral devices without their own display or even without any controls at all.
  • The richness of modern applications is better served by supporting code which is originally designed for high-level capabilities. This adequacy reduces the coding effort and shortens the development time.

Do I have to buy custom chips from you to make a CopperLan product?

No, we don't sell chips for production.

For USB, Firewire, Embedded Linux Ethernet, and others, the hardware options are entirely left to the manufacturer.
To ease the implementation of CopperLan into hardware products we provide firmware that allows manufacturers to realize a turnkey solution based on off-the-shelf components they buy from the supplier of their choice.

For manufacturers intending to design a product using Ethernet connectivity via an MCU drop-in solution, we can provide pre-programmed chips as a reference design and development support.

How difficult is it to integrate CopperLan in my products?

Coding a CopperLan product is like building a web site with a dedicated web builder/CMS environment rather than painstakingly coding every single line in html/php/Java/etc.
The end result is a stable and powerful product, smarter and simpler to use while the coding effort and time involved are beyond compare.
The CopperLan SDK contains a rich set of helpers in order to reduce the coding hassle.

As a developer, where do I get more information about CopperLan?

You are invited to register in the developer's section of this website. As a developer, this will give you unrestricted access to the entire documentation set (technical, commercial and licensing).

What happens if improvements to CP are made after products are released?

If the improvement is about assigning a yet unassigned type of message, older products will harmlessly ignore the new messages.
In the unlikely event of a serious incompatibility issue, it is of course advisable for the manufacturer to foresee a flash upgradable firmware.

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