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How do I find my way with many devices in a setup?

In CopperLan, Devices, as everything else, are organized by name, so that accessing a given unit follows a logical process.
A complex products can be organized in a tree, so that a sub-section can be easily found according to the actual product structure.

How to differentiate multiple identical devices?

By default, when multiple, strictly identical devices appear on the network, the self-declaration procedure takes care of automatically assigning them duplicate numbers as needed. These devices will subsequently keep their unique identity in the future.

Can I use common Ethernet switches in a CopperLan network?

Yes, CopperLan is compliant with ordinary Ethernet equipment used for home and office networking.

Can I run CopperLan along with my other network applications?

Given that CopperLan has its own Ethernet protocol, it is totally transparent to IP-based protocols encountered in home/office uses. It is possible to continue using web, mail, printing, etc, on the same network.
CopperLan does not impose using a dedicated independent network.

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